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At JC Walker Traditional Butchers, we pride ourselves in only working with the very best suppliers. We have built strong and long-lasting relationships with some of the UK’s leading producers, bringing you the highest quality meats from local and independent suppliers. Below is a snapshot of our current supplier list. We’re always on the look out for exciting new suppliers, so make sure you check back regularly to keep up-to-date on where your meats and larder products come from. 



The British free-range Label Anglais chicken is a farming concept unsurpassed anywhere else in the fine food sector. With its own ‘welfare protocol,’ written jointly between the growers, Tim Bailey and Charlie Woodford, and brand owner, Rod Adlington, it brings together their common passion to produce a chicken that is truly delicious, with a fantastic succulent flavour.

Grown to full maturity of 70-80 days using a slow growing breed of chicken carefully selected for its ability to thrive outdoors, and live for almost twice as long as commercial chickens.

This gives them a longer and happier life scratching around in the fields and this is reflected in the amazing eating quality of the bird.

Fed on a diet including wheat, maize and whole natural oats, the end product is simply incredible in taste and texture, quite unlike any other.

jc walker traditional butchers kentish town london nw5 label anglais adlington chicken supplier
jc walker traditional butcher kentish town london nw5 label anglais



The Mee family has been hand-rearing organic and free range poultry at their Herefordshire farm for nearly 60 years.

At Springfield Poultry they slowly grow all of their organic chickens and turkeys with love, care and a healthy diet. Their birds are given the freedom to roam among acres of Herefordshire pastures from dawn to dusk. This healthy lifestyle with exercise, fresh air and access to natural pastures makes their birds happy, healthy and full of flavour. 

Springfield’s dedicated stockman and his agricultural team also make certain their free range and organic poultry receive top level animal husbandry and never growth boosting hormones. Their birds have a very good life. With onsite abattoir facilities, their set up always guarantees minimal food to fork miles within the UK.

jc walker traditional butchers kentish town london nw5 springfield chicken supplier 1
jcwalker traditional butchers kentish town london nw5 springfield poultry suppliers of organic and free range chicken



Stoddart’s are a fully integrated beef supplier with long established relationships with many of Scotland’s biggest and best cattle farmers, with a substantial number of these farmers selling their cattle to Stoddart’s exclusively. 

Their procurement team are on their farms on a weekly basis, and will only draw the appropriate animals when they have achieved the optimum finish. This ensures that the farmers receive the maximum value for their animals and at the same time they can deliver the highest levels of quality and consistency to their customers. 

All cattle is born and raised on farm-assured farms and transported by farm-assured hauliers, guaranteeing they have been well cared for. Complete traceability is guaranteed. Stoddart’s mainly use Scotch Beef PGI or Certified Aberdeen Angus beef and are one of the largest producers of certified Aberdeen Angus in the UK.

jc walker traditional butchers kentish town london nw5 stoddarts beef supplier 1
jc walker traditional butchers kentish town london nw5 stoddart's best beef supplier



The gold standard in turkeys, all Copas turkeys are bronze breeds. The welfare of their birds is extremely important and underpins their entire operation. 

Copas combines the very best, centuries old production methods with state-of-the-art facilities, exceeding all farm assurances schemes and welfare standards currently operating in the UK.

The Copas family began farming in 1901, but it wasn’t until 1957 that they took a giant leap into turkey rearing, which all started with a rather pointed gift. Tom Copas Senior was a teenager in 1957, young, sprightly and far too impatient for school; his father thought it was time for a hobby. The result, a gift of 153 turkeys, which blossomed into a small business. 63 years later, the family has worked hard to turn their flock into the much respected heritage brand Copas Traditional Turkeys is today.
Copas believes that the very best turkey will have been given a long life, room to roam across meadows and will have gone through age old production processes, including hand plucking and game hanging, to enhance and preserve the bird’s flavour, naturally.


jc walker traditional butchers kentish town london nw5 copas turkey supplier 1
jc walker traditional butchers kentish town london nw5 copas turkey supplier



The Butler family have a vision to establish a pig farm that consistently delivers pork excellence.  They believe to get the best pork you need to put the pig first, but in order to do that you need to be the right kind of people with the right core values.

Jimmy Butler, with the support of his wife Pauline, took the concept of free range pig farming and made it into a business. Having a passion for pigs was not enough, he wanted consumers to have a choice and for consumers to be able to choose free range it needed to be readily available.

Did you know that less than 3% of the pigs farmed in Britain are genuinely free range…  It has never been more meaningful to know where your meat comes from and it is important for your own peace of mind that you can trust the pork you are sold is in fact free range.

jc walker butchers kentish town london meet our suppliers blythburgh pork
jc walker butchers kentish town london meet our suppliers blythburgh pork 1



Orchard Farm is one of the finest suppliers of pork in the country. On their free-range farms the young pigs are fed with a highly nutritious creep and weaner diet to encourage growth and enhance gut condition for optimum health and happiness.

Growing pigs are housed in social groups with free access to well-strawed, tented lodges which are nice and snug in winter and cool in summer. The lodges are located in a large paddock area overlooking the river Alde and its estuary.

Straw is gathered at harvest from numerous local farms in order to provide nice warm bedding of a manipulable material with which the pig can play or chew.

Orchard Farm’s fresh pork and sausages exceed the highest standards set by the UK industry, with only the most suitable breeds used, combining  lifestyle with eating quality for the perfect flavour.

jc walker butchers kentish town london meet our suppliers orchard farm pork
jc walker butchers kentish town london meet our suppliers orchard farm pork 1
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